Sunday, June 7, 2020

Featured TV Series: 'Extant' Season 1 (June, July & August 2020)

Every single month we look at one of Halle Berry's movies and some of the highlights of that particular period in her life. This summer, in honor of her joining the 'Moonfall' cast, I have decided to briefly switch it up and cover her first foray into space with 'Extant'.

Each week over the next three months, new clips will be posted from a new episode of the series’ 13-episode first season starting with the dramatic pilot and culminating with the explosive season finale. Take a look at the schedule for each episode beneath:

June 01: Episode 01 - “Re-Entry”
June 08: Episode 02 - “Extinct”
June 15: Episode 03 - “Wish You Were Here”
June 22: Episode 04 - “Shelter”
June 29: Episode 05 - “What on Earth is Wrong”

July 06: Episode 06 - “Nightmares”
July 13: Episode 07 - “More in Heaven and Earth”
July 20: Episode 08 - “Incursion”
July 27: Episode 09 - “Care and Feeding”

August 03: Episode 10 - “A Pack of Cards”
August 10: Episode 11 - “A New World”
August 17: Episode 12 - “Before the Blood”
August 24: Episode 13 - “Ascension”

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