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'Kidnap' By The Numbers: Week 3 Breakdown

The Halle Berry-starrer 'Kidnap', which marks the first release for Aviron Pictures, debuted in theaters on August 4th. View the results for its third week of release beneath:

Theater Count: 2,345 (-73)

08/18/2017: $868,214
08/19/2017: $1,257,565
08/20/2017: $835,696

Weekend Total: $2,961,475

08/21/2017: $259,451
08/22/2017: $414,201
08/23/2017: $251,649
08/24/2017: $216,879

Cumulative Total: $25,669,338

'Kidnap' By The Numbers: Week 2 Breakdown

The Halle Berry-starrer 'Kidnap', which marks the first release for Aviron Pictures, debuted in theaters on August 4th. View the results for its second week of release beneath:

Theater Count: 2,418 (+40)

08/11/2017: $1,497,041
08/12/2017: $2,161,540
08/13/2017: $1,438,242

Weekend Total: $5,096,823

08/14/2017: $537,201
08/15/2017: $844,384
08/16/2017: $489,740
08/17/2017: $428,252

Cumulative Total: $21,565,683

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

'Kidnap' By The Numbers: Week 1 Breakdown (Updated)

The Halle Berry-starrer 'Kidnap', which marks the first release for Aviron Pictures, debuted in theaters this past weekend. View the results for its first week of release beneath:

Theater Count: 2,378 (Opening Weekend)

08/04/2017: $3,729,150
08/05/2017: $3,645,468
08/06/2017: $2,641,705

Weekend Total: $10,016,323

08/07/2017: $1,094,118
08/08/2017: $1,451,174
08/09/2017: $805,308
08/10/2017: $757,360

Cumulative Total: $14,169,283

Halle Berry Exceeds Projections As 'Kidnap' Rakes In $10M

DEADLINE: While diversity was present on the marquee with three films starring black actors, Aviron is celebrating a win with its Halle Berry popcorn movie Kidnap, which is estimated to have pulled in $10.2M, according to Aviron. The film, which was shot three years ago and buried beneath Relativity’s financial woes, was rescued by David Dinerstein’s new film label for an estimated $3M and will profit toward the end. Lotus Entertainment handled foreign pre-sales on Kidnap and originally got the project off the ground.

“We’re extremely pleased with the weekend results for Kidnap,” said Aviron chief David Dinerstein this morning. “As Aviron’s first release, it surpassed industry expectations. Positive audience response and the summer play yet to come should result in a solid total box office return.”

There wasn’t any fat on the bones in regard to the number of theaters Kidnap rolled into, which numbered 2,378 venues. Aviron specifically targeted African-American, Hispanic and female moviegoers with a P&A spend in the teens, versus what many say was $40M for Detroit. Again, two very different movies, in that Kidnap is pure escapist entertainment. The pic played broad to Caucasians (46%), African-Americans (25%) and Hispanic audiences (22%). Females under 25 (21%) loved Kidnap the most at 85% positive, while females over 25 (42%) gave the Luis Prieto-directed movie a 73% positive.

Kidnap was the little engine that could this weekend. Another feather in Aviron’s cap this summer was that they handled the marketing on Entertainment Studios’ $43.1M-grossing genre sleeper 47 Meters Down.

Halle Berry Makes 'Watch What Happens Live' Debut

Last week, Halle Berry made her debut appearance on 'Watch What Happens Live' to promoter her new film 'Kidnap', and the actress dished on a slew of topics including her legendary kiss of Adrien Brody, working with Malia Obama as a assistant on the set of 'Extant' and exactly what Trey Songz said when he slide into her DMs.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Review Roundup: Halle Berry Elevates Action Thriller 'Kidnap'

With 'Kidap' finally in theaters today, the reviews for the Halle Berry-starrer are surfacing and the Academy Award-winner seems to be getting positive notices from most film critics - even the ones that aren't a fan of the movie itself. Read some reviews for the thriller below:

Variety: We never learn enough about the character to guess why custody might be in danger, but as played by Berry, the actress’ star persona fills in the blanks: She’s convincingly tough, yet humanly vulnerable — an everyday hero pushed to super extremes, powered by a formidable combination of adrenaline and maternal instinct. [Full Review]

The Wrap: This all may sound prosaic on paper, but between Berry’s committed performance and the film’s brisk cocktail of dread and adrenaline, “Kidnap” makes for a rousing, if ridiculous, ride. [Full Review]

The Hollywood Reporter: Berry has capably demonstrated her action expertise in numerous low-budget thrillers, as well as four installments of the X-Men franchise in her role as Storm, so her ability to command the screen single-handedly here proves surprisingly satisfying. [Full Review]

New York Times: It’s sometimes funny to watch Ms. Berry act out scenes of Karla’s frenzy — running at full speed with a limp, gingerly approaching a kidnapper’s lair with a gun she’s never used. But as a producer of the movie as well as its star, she approaches the task of playing this unhinged mother on the run with sincerity. [Full Review]

New York Observer: Berry knows how to seize the center spot and hold on tight. In Kidnap, she gets quite an exhausting workout. [Full Review]

Entertainment Weekly: It plays like 90 minutes of visual white noise, punctuated by an exciting pursuit here and a baddie-gets-what-he-deserves wallop (sometimes with a shovel!) there. None of it breaks new ground (especially for women, as Karla is defined purely by motherhood), but all of it fits squarely into what casual audiences will pay to see—largely thanks to Berry’s presence—especially as summer draws to a close. [Full Review]

Time Out: Berry is compelling in her pursuit of Frankie, even if screenwriter Knate Lee saddles her with too many talking-to-herself moments (she even has a “God, I know I never pray to you…” bit). The film provides a consistent string of “You go, Halle!” beats to keep an audience engaged. [Full Review]

Washington Post: Yet despite limited resources, a well-worn concept and a generic title, director Luis Prieto (“Pusher”) has managed to make a surprisingly effective thriller, leveraging the performance of his Oscar-winning star to convert an apparent junker into a lean, mean suspense machine. [Full Review]

Friday, August 4, 2017

'Kidnap', Starring Halle Berry, Is Finally In Theaters

After years in limbo due to financial difficulties of its distributor, Halle Berry finally returns to the big screen with 'Kidnap', which debuts on 2378 screens courtesy of Aviron Pictures.

In the new film, Berry plays Karla Dyson, a devoted mother, who is force to take actions into her own hands after her son is kidnapped in front of her eyes at a local amusement park.


Watch the trailer for the thriller, directed by Luis Prieto and written by Knate Lee, beneath:

Halle Berry Makes Jenna Dewan-Tatum Chug A Glass Of Whiskey As Payback for Channing Tatum's Dare On 'Live!'

On Thursday (August 3rd), Halle Berry was the guest on 'Live! with Kelly and Ryan' and she was beyond excited that the guest host was Jenna Dewan-Tatum, because it meant payback. Okay, well, maybe payback is a too extreme of a word.

The 50-year-old actress, who was there to promote her new film 'Kidnap', worked with Jenna's husband Channing Tatum on the upcoming movie 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' and while at Comic-Con last month, he dared Berry to chug a glass of whiskey on stage.

"I miss my Kelly, you know I love Kelly, but I'm secretly happy you're here because I need to talk about your man. I need to talk about your husband," Halle said when she sat down. "You saw what he did to me! Your husband dared me to drink a pint of bourbon." She then issued a challenged to Dewan-Tatum to do the same. Watch the cute interview beneath:

Halle Berry Promotes 'Kidnap' On 'Good Morning America'

Hot on the trail promoting her new 'Kidnap' film, which is now in theaters, Halle Berry stopped by 'Good Morning America' to promote the action thriller and why she believes every woman should take self-defense classes. Watch her interview with the show beneath:

Halle Berry Salutes Michelle Obama At 'Kidnap' Premiere In NY

From one amazing black woman to another!!! Halle Berry saluted former First Lady Michelle Obama with a distressed 'Michelle My Belle' t-shirt to the New York premiere of her new film, 'Kidnap', earlier this week, which she paired with thigh-high boots.

She took to Instagram, calling Obama, "the strongest most fierce woman there ever was."

Halle Berry Plays Box Of Lies On 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon'; Talks 'Kidnap' & Upcoming Films

On Wednesday (August 3rd), Halle Berry appeared on 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon', where she talked about her trio of films set for release this year ('Kidnap', 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' and 'Kings') and played a fun game of Box of Lies.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Halle Berry Promotes 'Kidnap' With Various Press Interviews

In promotion of her new film 'Kidnap', Halle Berry hasn't left any road untraveled and participated in a slew of press interviews with various media outlets, and was even joined by her adorable co-star Sage Correa. Watch a few of her interviews beneath:

Halle Berry Attends Los Angeles Premiere Of 'Kidnap'

Despite suffering a slight wardrobe malfunction and exposing her bra, Halle Berry attended the Los Angeles premiere of her new action thriller at at ArcLight Hollywood on Tuesday (August 1st), where she looked youthful in a camo skirt, white top and gold strappy heels.

Halle Berry Promotes 'Kidnap' At Chicago Stations

In addition to hosting a screening of her new film 'Kidnap' in Chicago, Halle Berry, who lived in the city at the start of her career, stopped by some of the local stations to promote the action thriller, which finally hits theaters after a long delay on August 4th.

WGN Morning News

ABC 7 Chicago