Friday, October 11, 2013

'Extant' News: Details Emerge About Halle Berry's Character & Plot

Halle Berry photo Halle_Berry_to_Star_in-e5e143b03448c5d2cc0ff4f3c299e829cf.png

As Halle Berry continues to enjoy downtime with her newborn baby boy, reportedly named Maceo Robert Martinez, her next project, 'Extant', is shaping up with more details about her character Molly Watts and the plot of the series being revealed courtesy of IMDB.

Read the new details about the series, which is slated to air in the summer 2014, beneath:

After spending a year in space, where she lived and conducted strange experiments, astronaut Molly Watts (Halle Berry) tries to resume a normal life with her family consisting of her husband, John, a gifted scientist, and Ethan, their son, a boy like no the other. He is not their biological son as Molly is infertile. Ethan was designed by his father as the first prototype of a future line of "Humanichs", "human robots". But the return of Molly will have dramatic consequences for the entire planet and the fate of mankind.

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